Enterprise Resource Planning

Product Detail

Web reservation system is developed to manage and maintain airline reservation procedure. Travel agents, individuals and airline sales office could make reservation directly to the central reservation server at airline. However access to the system should be distributed by airline itself to the system user. Web media could make all transaction in this system.

This module includes, messaging system between airline and system user as well as between two or more system users. Anyone with system operating access from airline could make reservation and any necessary transaction from any part of the world through the web. Airline can control individual system user in many ways. Airline can control individual’s number of seats, ticketing time limits, access to view seats available in particular flight and so on. Airline can any time remove access to the system from any system user.

This module support online payment gateway and travel portal integration. This feature is already tested and implemented by airlines using our system.

Financial accounting system is complete accounting software suitable for any corporate business house. This module is recently upgraded to complete web-based module. Our financial accounting system is fully capable to integrate with any other module related to financial activity.

This module supports multiple currency and financial reports can be generated in any currency. This module covers all Tax rules and rules by Nepal Rasta Bank. Foreign currency reports for Rasta Bank and VAT and other tax calculation etc are not your headache now.

This module includes account chart, vouchers parameter, invoice and receipt, voucher entry, individual ledger, account schedule and other financial reports, cost center wise report, project wise profit/loss report, cash flow reports, aging report, outstanding sales report, yearend process function and many more.

Aircraft inventory control system for airline is an inventory system of aircraft and aircraft parts. This system is directly integrated to financial accounting system. This starts from purchase request and covers all procedure of aircraft inventory management.

This module covers purchase request, purchase order, invoice collection, good receive note, tax, custom and other charge calculation, service order for maintenance, work order for maintenance, equipment movement transactions, components movement transaction, stock status reports and many more.

Since aircraft inventory is not as similar as general inventory, there should be special treatment in every transaction. Every aircraft components have their own property and it should be treated accordingly. Life of the aircraft components in stock, condition of the component in stock, record of the component in various location, records of the components send for maintenance are few extra features which is included in the system.

Aircraft maintenance planning system is a system which records attributes of each individual component installed on aircraft and monitor whether it is safe to use the components or not. Aircraft components have their own attributes. Some components have fixed life hours, some have fixed landing number, and some have fixed use days etc.

This software module records all information regarding components installed on aircraft and monitor in every flight. There are thousands of components installed on aircraft, which should be monitor and produce maintenance forecast report to management.

Components installation on aircraft and removal from aircraft is recorded on this system. At the time of installation of components, it records the current life status of the component. Every day the technical log page of the aircraft is also recorded to the system. Based on this technical log page information and the life status at the time of installation, the system provides maintenance forecast and components current life status installed on aircraft.

Revenue accounting system records sales records. This module includes Sales Invoice, Sales Refund, Debit and Credit note, Receipt, Sales Agents Register, Rates and Agent Commission Structure etc. This module is integrated to financial accounting system. When a transaction is made in revenue accounting system, records will be captured automatically to financial accounting system calculating commission and other charges. This module gives you immediate sales report, commission expenses, net sales, outstanding sales in market, agent wise sales report, sector wise sales report, market share between competitive business houses etc.

This module is different for different organization depending on the nature of business. Currently our Revenue accounting module is ready and installed at Airlines, Hotel, Internet Service Providers, Travel Agencies and Trading companies.

Departure control system (DCS) is module designed to operate from check-in counter at airport. It is also a web based application and can be operate from airport of remote area also where internet connection is available. DCS records check in passenger detail including excess baggage, baggage tag, infant traveling with the Adult passenger, weight of baggage and passenger etc.
Boarding pass printing option is also present in the module. After completion of check-in, DCS module generate load sheet according to requirement of the airline.
DCS module is directly integrated with Revenue Accounting System and Reservation System. It keeps record of No-Show passenger, Passenger offloaded by airline, passenger endorsed by other airlines and passenger endorsed to other airlines.
DCS module transfer check-in passenger data to Revenue Accounting System as flight coupon.
DCS module is designed to read bar code and search record to database. We can implement bar code reader to read and check-in passenger as well.

Flight program module starts with flight program generation. After flight is completed, the flight program module should be updated. In fact every operation activity should be updated to flight operation module so that one can view status of flight from anywhere and anytime. This option can be made available from airline web site so that passengers can view the status of the flight they are planning to fly.
Next step of the flight operation module is to record Technical Log Page data entry. After Tech Log entry is completed, we can view actual flight status of the airline, reliability of flights, aircraft utilization report, reports for civil aviation authority, fuel consumption report, crew training and medical reports etc.

Travel management system is a complete solution for travel, tour and cargo agents. This software module covers request collection, passenger ticket and cargo airway bill stock maintenance, ticketing and airway bill invoice system integrated with financial accounting system, airline sales report generation and a complete financial accounting system.
This module includes web based invoice system to operate from remote sales offices and branches, which directly effects central database server. However our client has not implemented this feature so far, we have already tested this feature and found perfectly working. This feature of the software will be implemented within few days to our client’s newly established branch office at Thamel, Kathmandu.
This module also supports multiple currencies. We could make transaction on any currency any equivalent local currency effect automatically generated to the financial accounting system.

Personal information and payroll management system is a complete solution for a corporate business house. This software module has three modules integrated to each other. They are Personal information system, Payroll management system and Electronic attendance module. This module is integrated with financial accounting module as well. At the end of the month, when salary processing is complete; require account vouchers will generate autumnally.

This module includes electronic attendance module, personal information record system, payroll categories and payroll item definition and parameter record, payroll processing system, generation of pay sheet, pay slip etc, personal record update like promotion, transfer, leave record, loan and advance record and many more.

It keeps all activity of an individual employee starting from the appointment letter generation to end of his service period. This module may need some customization according to requirement of the client since the working patterns may differ in different organization.

Manpower recruitment management system is a complete solution for manpower consultant companies. This software module has various modules integrated to each other, which will provide up-to date business status of company.

This module includes financial accounting module, applicant registration module, advance collection from application, legal agreement module which is generated in English as well as in Nepali language, a complete solution for Government of Nepal, labor department’s requirement and transaction, visa application form generation, candidate selection procedures etc.

Beside the above this complete solution also includes the web based information center where anyone cal log on and view current position and status of individual foreign employee at any time. We are on the way of development of a web-based application where a employee working abort through the consultant can communicate with his family members with no cost.



OSS is a complete operation support system for any type of service industry. This module control and manage the process of service. This module start with a service order, generate work order/job order and end when service is completed. Service modification order, service renew etc are other features of this module.


Network maintenance system is a monitoring and maintenance support system for a huge network system. It is designed to support fiber network maintenance for ISP. It keeps record of network path/network and devices address fiber core information etc and also connected to Google map.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.


This is a powerful, flexible SMS Gateway application, which enables us setup a procedure to send SMS message and reply query from web application to mobile device. It has an easy to use user interface, and an excellent internal architecture. It includes the features of scheduling the message to be sent to the different groups of receivers, to send manual message to different group of members or individuals mobile devices, receive SMS command to distribute message to multiple devices etc.
Currently not in operation


Designed and developed in a client server platform to manage and record day to day activities in a well managed hospital. This module has been developed to support maximum facilities to organizations members and to the patients as well. It supports online billing and accounting procedure. However the module is a billing management system, it also maintains the financial account of the technical personals, financial reports and account ledger of the members.


Designed and developed in a web-based platform to manage and record day to day activities in a well managed library. This module has been developed to support maximum facilities to library members and to the library management. It supports online searching of available books, online booking for books etc. However the module is a library management system, it also maintains the inventory of the library, financial reports and account ledger of the members and so on.


This is sales and marketing analysis system for Pharmaceutical companies. This module keeps records of doctor visit records and schedule, sales target, order records and provides analysis report.


This module is designed to meet requirement for a corporate house and also for a trading house. This module supports multi location and multi project inventory and assets control. Starting from item requisition to purchase order and good receive note, inventory issue and transfer of inventory from one to other location, sale and dispose of assets, transfer of inventory to assets etc are basic features of this module.


The API enable travel portals to interact with airline reservation system and integrate the user side booking system with airline reservation system.


This customized module is developed and installed at TEWA, a non-profit organization committed to philanthropy for equitable justice and peace.


This module is a ready travel portal which can be use by any travel portals with own access key provided by airlines.


Quiz Operation program